“L’Odyssée de Cartier”


When Cartier enchants the world once more…

…With a cinematic work of art.

On 2 March 2012, Cartier unveil “L’Odyssée de Cartier”, a film of 3’30 that was two years in the making with a team of fifty talented people from around the world, including directors, set designers and musicians, all working with the same passion that inspires Cartier’s artisans.

“L’Odyssée de Cartier” expresses the vital energy of a sovereign Maison. This film, which recounts an ongoing legend suffused with over 165 years of history, is the epic story of the King of Jewellers moved by its passion for creation and for interacting with the world’s cultures.

The heroine of this short film is the panther, the icon of Cartier since 1914. The emblematic creature goes on an imaginary voyage, between dream and reality, leaving its mark on the continents that have enriched Cartier style.

Through this film, Cartier offers a unique moment of escape, inspired by the desire to enchant, to share its passion and to communicate its values. The film was made to highlight Cartier’s history with the three countries, which are now important luxury markets…

In the highly competitive and changing world of luxury, this is such a good reminder of what luxury really is…This is not about being everywhere around the web, this is not about Twitter or Facebook, Luxury is about making people dream and it is what Cartier is giving us with the “Odyssée”.

“The world is changing, the economy is changing, the geography of luxury is changing. We want to just remind people who we are at Cartier,” 

- François Le Troquer.

Exclusive screening on 2nd March on the Facebook page  and on the dedicated site  (4th March). It will be on the screens in more than 10 countries the 4th and 5th of March.


Client: Cartier

International Communication Director: Corinne Delattre

Agency: Marcel

Partner and Brands directors: Charles Georges-Picot, Benoît Candelle, Emilie De Saint-Martin et Benoît Jehan

Creative Directors: Sébastien Vacherot, Emmanuel Lalleve et Florent Imbert

Creative: Emmanuel Lalleve, Seyrane Boulekache

Director: Bruno Aveillan

Production: Quad

Music: Pierre Adenot

Panther tamer: Thierry Le Portier.

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7 Responses to ““L’Odyssée de Cartier””
  1. A gorgeous and enchanting dreamlike tour of the panther (leopard) of Cartier – the most beautiful commercial I have ever seen. I am 70 years old. I am an artist.

  2. rok says:

    the most respectable luxury brand, ever. Hope to overpass them one day with my onw brand ;-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and enchanting…Did they win a prize for this?

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