How to endorse a Gucci Lifestyle with Gucci’s App?

Social Media are all about sharing knowledge and co-creation. It’s about engaging with your customers and with whom they already are. And that’s what the Gucci App for iPhone and iPod Touch is all about. Especially the Little Black Book which uses location targeting (GPS) to determine where you are and then lets you select a category: Bars, Restaurants…

What’s fantastic about it is that it is maintaining the Gucci experience and even extending it. Luxury is all about the exclusive experience. Living this particular experience where you feel sort of unique, bringing both social status and a certain way of life.

Well that’s what this App is offering you: how to live a “Gucci Lifestyle”. The app synthesizes the worlds of fashion, technology and music offering access to exclusive Gucci products, unique playlists, videos, fashion shows, news, events, latest collections, store listings and the ability to mix your own music. You can even look up Frida Giannini’s favourites spots. It’s a way to provide on-the-go cultural recommendations.

“The more you can open up your brand to the client, the better,” said Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci.

The application even has its official page…

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