Luxury storytelling 2.0: the lady dior saga

“Storytelling + Interactivity + Transmedia = Storytelling 2.0 ?”

Luxury brands have to play with magic, have to make people dream…and that’s the fundamental characteristic of luxury. Since you enter in a luxury shop, the magic has to begin!

But we’re living in the digital age now! What does it mean? The end of the dream? The end of the luxury storytelling? No! But the beginning of the storytelling 2.0!

How to keep the classic codes of luxury, the image of luxury and elegance while being innovative and stunning using the new tools of marketing?

That was the idea and the challenge for Dior and its digital agency, Balistik Art.

The campaign:

A saga of 4 movies (6 to 12 minutes each), with the iconic Marion Cotillard. The saga started in 2009, only broadcasted on Internet, on the website Lady Dior. The communication is based on viral and buzz marketing, using blogs and social media to spread the word.

The key points of the success:

–       A high quality movie. The success storytellings of Dior are using cult places –Paris for the Lady Noire, NY for the Lady Rouge and Shanghai for the Lady Blue- and the iconic and famous Marion Cotillard dressed up by John Galliano. All the movies have a certain of Hitchcock ambience, and are directed by Olivier Dahan, Jonas Akerlung or even David Lynch. The movies are telling us a story and presenting the magic of Dior’s word.

Lady Noire

Lady Rouge

–       An iconic actress, iconic places and famous directors… but what is the purpose? Presenting and marketing the iconic Lady Dior bag…

–       Being innovative and taking part of the digital age: using the web and the video media is a new trend for luxury brands. But being innovative and ambitious while being loyal to your luxury image is not an easy game to play. It has been successfully done by Dior and Balistik Art: they used social media and blogs to spread the word, -Twitter as the main tool to unveil the campaign.

The release of the Lady Blue is planned to be the 15th of May (Watch the video here) but we can expect a huge success for this Lady Blue from Shanghai. Shooting this 3rd movie in Shanghai was a perfect luxury strategy for Dior. Luxury is spreading in China, which became the new market opportunity.

Chanel has already shown that they were ready for that with their runaway in Shanghai last December to present their exclusive collection for Shanghai and the new Chanel Boutique in Shanghai. They even created a website dedicated to Chanel, between Paris and Shanghai. They also used the tool of the storytelling with a short movie of the trip that Coco Chanel only made in her dreams- Paris- Shanghai, a Fantasy.

With this new Lady Blue, Dior is also showing that they understood this new luxury trend!

It’s a proof that you can be innovative and digital while not loosing their tradition and image.

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