Luxury cosmetic goes social: the Lancôme Case

Beginning its Relationship with Balistik*Art in 2007 for its digital and PR strategy, Lancôme has proved its willing to go further in the digital trend, and to show that the luxury cosmetic industry also have a role to play in the game.

Starting with a lot of digital projects such as The Second Life in 2007, micro sites for specific products such as the one for its new perfume “Tresor In Love”, Lancôme has decided to go further in the social trend!

First they started with their campaign “Lancôme Make Up” using Twitter to give news, and the “Make-Up Blog” for sharing the best-of make-up. It’s not really the brand that is talking to their customers, but Aaron De Mey, Lancôme make-up artistic director giving his tips. They also launched a professional blog for make-up.

After starting blogging, Balistik*Art and Lancôme organized in 2009 a PR event in Paris with 16 international bloggers and the two new Lancôme icons, Juliette Binoche and Laura Morante. It was another proof of the important of digital and social media in the Lancôme communication strategy.

Lancôme Paris also has its own twitter account and now nearly each new product –cream or perfume – has its own micro-site. They are also using storytelling 2.0.

But it was the first time Lancôme developed a real “social media” platform, The Most Precious eyes, based on customers experience and the sharing of people’s tips.

It’s not anymore about the brand telling the story about cosmetics; people talk themselves to others about their own experience of the brand.

And it ‘s an important moment for the luxury cosmetic brand to listen to its customers…

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  1. Nice one! Did you send my picture then ? 🙂

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