The journey of a man’s wardrobe, by Louis Vuitton

In today’s digital world, being online and communicating in new ways is not an option anymore, even within the luxury industry.

Everyone wants to be “in” but you can’t just send people to your website. In order to raise your brand awareness and build a strong online presence, you must develop specific content that communicates about the brand’s lifestyle for instance.

This is definitely a new era for luxury brands: they must go online and share with their customers.

To get in the trend, a lot of luxury brands are developing their own micro-sites, non-commercial but attractive. A new way to discover the brand, the world around the brand, new collections or new products…

But in such a competitive market, how to differentiate your brand?

The new trend: using a famous photographer, an influential blogger such as Burberry with it’s Art Of The Trench website where people are photographed with their Trench by the famous blogger The Sartorialist…

So let’s discover the new luxury micro-site: The Journey of a Wardrobe, by Louis Vuitton and the Selby.

The Journey of a Wardrobe is a way for Louis Vuitton to share and open its own world to its customers. It remains a relation of brand talking to its customer, not listening. It’s not using social media in its true sense, but at least, it shows an effort from the brand to open and to change its relationship with its customer. The customer is not allowed to talk to Louis Vuitton yet, but at least, he can discover the intimacy of their favorite brand.

Louis Vuitton worked with the famous photographer, The Selby, for the photograph and illustration.

The Paris portion of Louis Vuitton’s The Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe by The Selby is now launched, featuring images of the Louis Vuitton’s home and museum, an LV workshop, the LV mens fittings and backstage photos from the men’s fashion show.

Others cities will be featured too…

Check out the schedule below:
Shanghai launches April 28th
Tokyo launches May 5th
London launches May 19th
New York launches May 12th

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