Luxury Shoes Making a clever use of Foursquare: The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt

While most luxury brands have troubles figuring how to use social media, afraid to loose this “feeling of exclusivity” you are getting while buying a luxurious product, some brands have been very creative to benefit from this extremely powerful communication way.

Jimmy Choo, the very exclusive shoemaker, just launched a treasure hunt in London using Foursquare to celebrate the launch of its new line of trainers.

How does it work? Basically, the trainers will be checked in at various trendy & exclusive venues via Foursquare such as Lounge Lover, Floridita and the members-only Mortons. And in order to win you must get there and find the trainers before they leave the place.

What will happen for real? Well, London is a very large city so it’ll be hard for anyone to try to move as fast as the new location appears. Most probably, Jimmy Choo’s regular customers frequent more or less the same places as the girl carrying the new trainers. So it is very possible that regular Jimmy Choo girls get the free pair of trainer.

This whole campaign is very clever to be honest. First, it is a very innovative and effective way to communicate so fans of the brand will rely the information all over the Internet allowing Jimmy Choo to launch a new line with a lot more coverage than it would have gotten with ads in regular magazines for instance. Second, as Londoners are one of the most connected population on the planet, engaging with fans both online and offline will do nothing more than raise the brand awareness. Third, the brand is communicating by allowing its fans to learn how to lead a Jimmy Choo lifestyle which is one of the points we have been insisting on.

Jimmy Choo has always been one of these names you hear on TV through shows such as Sex & The City, Ugly Betty or in fashonistas movies like The Devil Wears Prada. And this campaign is maintaining this hip image: young & fabulous, adding a little game was a great insight to get tons of coverage via classic networks and via the web.

If you want to be part of the game, follow the trainers:



A new type of social media

This new luxury campaign through social media emphazises the huge developpement of a new type of social media: geolocalisation on mobile. This new way to do marketing or to exchange is both in the trend of  web-mobile and social media.A microblogging, a way to connect with people or to promote for companies, useless for some, a great tool for others…At least, people talk about it.

Foursquare has been created in 2009 and has now more than a million of users.

The new “french version” has been created: Plyce seems to be the new competitor!

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  1. Great article! I love the idea btw! And I need new shoes.. Could you suggest Vega or Feiyue to do the same in Lyon this afternoon? haha.. just kidding !

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