Burberry wants to keep its digital lead in the Luxury industry

Last week was a busy week for the British luxury brand Burberry!

We already talk about the Art of Trench and the 2010 Spring/Summer line live show at London’s Fashion week (view article) to show the British advance in terms of digital.

This time, Burberry really established itself as a truly digital luxury brand. What does it means and why do I say that?

Burberry is facing a huge challenge, trying to remain understood by its regular customers and reaching at the same time a new, modern target. They want to give an impulsion, to modernize the brand while protecting their authentic and timeless heritage, which can be quite complicated and tricky.

The new direction in terms of marketing and communication that Burberry wants to give to its brand has been clearly defined. It results a proper strategy, some goals, and its practical application, which become clearly logical. The brand has properly understood the stakes of the digital, the fact that it was not just a trend but a tool to serve their strategy.

They are not developing some digital useless game, application or website. There is a purpose in all their use of digital. Their digital campaigns are attracting the Gen Y with new ways of seeing the products, playing with the ads or even watching the show live while being focused on the products and on the dream that is luxury.

Let’s developed it with their new campaigns and events that have been launched next week.

Last Saturday, at 3pm Milan time, the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 menswear show was broadcasted live on live.burberry.com. This was not a huge event as for the S/S live show. It was just the assertion of the Burberry’s will to mix fashion and digital. They show at the same time that you can both do business (the outerwear and accessories from the runway were available to order immediately after the show exclusively and only for a week) and make people dream…

This event was also the launch of Burberry acoustic, a new initiative, which celebrates the Burberry heritage of founding, developing and supporting emerging British talent. Fashion has always had some closed links with music. The purpose of Burberry Acoustic is to collaborate with British artists across multiple Burberry experiences through the attitude and energy of music (Read more about Burberry Acoustic). It is also to connect with the Gen Y and to reconnect with the proper British heritage and culture of Burberry.

The collaboration with British artists can be seen through some videos exclusively shot in the UK for Burberry. But it is a complete and complex collaboration.

Thus, some British musicians as Sebastian Brice and Caspar Smyth have walked the runway in Milan, other British musicians were guests at the show and others like Gwilym Gold, Rory Cottam or Samuel Fry are part of the new advertising campaign cast.

This is the way Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, saw this new collaboration:

“We have collaborated on so many projects with new and young emerging British bands over the years.  We felt that with the great interaction that we have experienced with our social media website artofthetrench that we could collaborate with musicians and artists to put together an incredible group of ongoing acoustic sessions from some of the finest talent coming out of the UK and bring them to the broad global Burberry audience”

Burberry wants to renew with what is luxury: something magical. They want their customers not only to buy products but also to be part of a whole Burberry’s experience, which mix fashion, music, technology, and emotions.

The last event that happened on Thursday was the launch of the digitally interactive global advertising campaign. Once again, it is not a separated event but a meaningful one. The idea is to bring people closer to the collection, cast and location. Motion responsive images and video can be clicked, rotated, paused and dragged 180 degrees and individual products and cast respond to user-controlled command. You can also share the A/W 2010 interactive advertising campaign on Twitter or Facebook and you’re enjoying the sound of some British artists while looking at the new products…Once again, it is not a Burberry’s will to do digital because they have to, but to make people experience their brands using digital.

“This campaign protects our authentic and timeless heritage and evolves the modern way in which we communicate that. The Burberry campaigns have always been characterized by the dynamic British cast and I wanted to express the individuality and the energy behind each of their different creative expressions. Burberry was founded on innovation and outerwear and I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the collections, the attitude, and the emotion captured.”

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

All those initiatives from Burberry properly respond to their new brand creed: “Protect, Explore, Inspire”.

With all these new events and campaigns, they show that digital was their new belief, but a meaningful one, with a strong brand strategy behind.

They prove to the luxury industry that you can make people dream using digital and keeping your business goals.

A bonus, because this song is great…

6 Responses to “Burberry wants to keep its digital lead in the Luxury industry”
  1. Roger Joseph says:

    Loved this article.

  2. 王旭君 says:

    I`m a social media marketer from China, also focusing on luxury.
    like your blog, will learn a lot from you 🙂

  3. socialluxury says:

    It’s amazing how Burberry keeps on spinning their thread of gold in terms of the use of social media. Their recent S/S 2011 show was just such an event – leading to buying options straight off the catwalk.

  4. Hello, I am currently studying PR as part of my Marketing Communications diploma and one of the key topics is new media and how it has influenced PR, so this article and your blog is gold!

  5. Although not a fan of Burberry as a fan I certainly respect their marketing efforts, really creative and a great case study to learn from.

  6. RokBarry says:

    Personally I am part of those who think that luxury brands should use social medias to strengthen their way of communicating digitally. Therefore, I would just say Bravo to Burberry and good luck for their social media strategy

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