Burberry wants to keep its digital lead in the Luxury industry

Last week was a busy week for the British luxury brand Burberry! We already talk about the Art of Trench and the 2010 Spring/Summer line live show at London’s Fashion week (view article) to show the British advance in terms of digital. This time, Burberry really established itself as a truly digital luxury brand. What … Continue reading

Breaking news: Don’t miss the Burberry Menswear SS 2011 live show

The purpose of Luxury&Social Media is not to talk about news but to focus on analysis about the luxury industry and its digital strategy, trends, attempts… But i really wanted to share this breaking news with you, as it is an important (again) digital time for the Luxury industry. Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 menswear … Continue reading

Why Rolls-Royce and Tissot attempts in the digital world should not be followed?

One of the main ideas we have been insisting is that luxury brands should not consider social media as an end, but on the contrary, as a tool that is fully included into the global strategy of the brand. Social media is a deep evolution translating the changes happening in our societies. It is a … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton or How to master the art of Social Media…

The main idea we have developed about social media is that it needs to be fully integrated within the overall brand strategy. Social media cannot be seen as just a trend anymore, nor as a new way to do marketing. Social media is both a social phenomenon that translates the changes happening in our society … Continue reading

What should luxury brands be doing about blogs? The example of Chanel and Ykone

In this « social media revolution » as some people like to call it (check the new video updated about the social media revolution), a luxury brand that ignores the blogosphere is on its way back to the eighteenth century. Why is it such an issue for luxury brand? Luxury is all about influence. Of course, there … Continue reading