Why Rolls-Royce and Tissot attempts in the digital world should not be followed?

One of the main ideas we have been insisting is that luxury brands should not consider social media as an end, but on the contrary, as a tool that is fully included into the global strategy of the brand. Social media is a deep evolution translating the changes happening in our societies. It is a … Continue reading

How to endorse a Gucci Lifestyle with Gucci’s App?

Social Media are all about sharing knowledge and co-creation. It’s about engaging with your customers and with whom they already are. And that’s what the Gucci App for iPhone and iPod Touch is all about. Especially the Little Black Book which uses location targeting (GPS) to determine where you are and then lets you select … Continue reading

Luxury jewellers on iphone

When it comes to social media strategies, luxury brands seems to apply a classical recipe thinking that iphone app, facebook fan page and twitter account will do it! This problem will be discussed later cause it’s a huge understanding of what are social media, and how to use it as a tool for a marketing … Continue reading