Luxury cosmetic goes social: the Lanc么me Case

Beginning its Relationship with Balistik*Art in 2007 for its digital and PR strategy, Lanc么me has proved its willing to go further in the digital trend, and to show that the luxury cosmetic industry also have a role to play in the game. Starting with a lot of digital projects such as The Second Life in … Continue reading

Luxury storytelling 2.0: the lady dior saga

“Storytelling + Interactivity + Transmedia = Storytelling 2.0聽?” Luxury brands have to play with magic, have to make people dream鈥nd that鈥檚 the fundamental characteristic of luxury. Since you enter in a luxury shop, the magic has to begin! But we鈥檙e living in the digital age now! What does it mean? The end of the dream? … Continue reading