Why Rolls-Royce and Tissot attempts in the digital world should not be followed?

One of the main ideas we have been insisting is that luxury brands should not consider social media as an end, but on the contrary, as a tool that is fully included into the global strategy of the brand. Social media is a deep evolution translating the changes happening in our societies. It is a … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton or How to master the art of Social Media…

The main idea we have developed about social media is that it needs to be fully integrated within the overall brand strategy. Social media cannot be seen as just a trend anymore, nor as a new way to do marketing. Social media is both a social phenomenon that translates the changes happening in our society … Continue reading

The journey of a man’s wardrobe, by Louis Vuitton

In today’s digital world, being online and communicating in new ways is not an option anymore, even within the luxury industry. Everyone wants to be “in” but you can’t just send people to your website. In order to raise your brand awareness and build a strong online presence, you must develop specific content that communicates … Continue reading

Who Should Hold the Twitter Company’s Account?

As we are moving forward on our dissertation about the Luxury Industry & Social Media, more questions are raised everyday. And this was one of them:  Who should hold the Twitter company’s account? Indeed, if the company still belongs to its creator such as Zappos than for sure, as he is the face of the … Continue reading